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Races are basically the kinds of people you run into (and kill) in the wasteland. There are currently only three available (Human, dog, and robot), with more such as Titan or Valkyrie planned for inclusion.

Races[edit | edit source]

The predominant race in the Wastelands, humans can become almost anything that life turns them into They can wear the most amours use any weapon, and learn any skill. A Human won't ever sprint as fast as a Valkyrie, lift as much as a Titan or see as well as a Robot though
  • Humans are the baseline race. They start with 30 hit points, 0% resistances, 60% accuracy with all kinds of weapons, and 20% proficiency in skills. They can train skills to level 5 and carry 20 kg + 20 per skill level.

Dog 1.jpg
Man's best friendmight not be able to use any weapons except his jaws, but he sure as hell can use everything else just like humans do, or even better. Dogs can be trained in Medicine, Traps, Mechanics, and even using mounted vehicle guns. And they run very fast, making them a true all-around support unit. Don't forget your Trap-sniffer or DOGtor when going on a mission.
  • Dogs start with 30 HP, +10% to Stealth and +20% to Enemy Detection, Medicine, and Mechanics on top of being able to train them up to level 6.
  • However, dogs can -15 kg as opposed to humans, can only gain +20% to base kinetic damage resistance and cannot use any weapons except vehicle-mounted guns, and can only wear special dog armor.

Humanoid bot.jpg
Humanoid Robot
An autonomous intelligent robotic unit, specialized in enemy detection and extermination. Averagely fast and too noisy to sneak efficiently, but pretty resistant to bullets and extremely perceptive thanks to their advanced multi-spectrum sensors. Uses Mechanics skill to restore health. Very vulnerable to Energy damage
  • Robots have reduced base accuracy, starting with 20% in each offensive skill, but benefit from 60 HP, 30% resistance to kinetic damage, 25% to fire, 50 kg base carry weight and 60% enemy detection.
  • However, they cannot use human or dog armor, have -25% resistance to energy damage, and -60% to Stealth. They also cannot take most vices, as they are limited to meatbags.


  • Focuses on melee
  • May not be playable? - (Find out and edit this page)